About DNP

        DNP Inc. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1971 by C.E.O. Fu-Xiong, Chen, who devoted himself on producing good quality bicycle derailleur system and freewheel sprockets.  The production lines had grown to more variety of functions which was grouped in three major brand names as DNP, EPOCH and MOTION.  The company product has been wide spread into over seventy countries over the world.  The company has gained its reputation from long term loyalty customers with their recognitions of the stability, persistency of product quality and the spirit of pursuing perfections.


        DNP Inc. established the business from a hard working family operated factory to one factory in Shenzhen and a join venture company in Tianjin in 1991.  In 2002, the company had transformed to a bigger scale factory plan operation in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province for domestics market.  The company named Long Cheng (ZhangJiaGang) Co., Ltd. sited on a twenty thousand square meters land.  The perfection of our equipment was able to well functioned with the tremendous quantity of transferring our partial parts and our products through north and south of China continent and to worldwide markets.


Recent years, after a revolutionary devotion, our product the 11 teeth multiple speeds freewheel have been trialed and well accepted in electronic bicycle market.

With a loyal customer, our company has crossed the tradition as sole- -man-powered bicycle market into Electronic Bicycle market in North America.

We would like to share our joy and excitement as a result from the President Mr. Fu-Xiong Chen’s philosophy as “It’s our commitment to provide continuously new products and it’s also our mission to protect the environment for our future generations, thus the steadfast effort for a better freewheel.”


        Please visit our website for our full line of products, and we are mostly open to all of your true heart suggestions to work with us to endless improvements and better products.


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